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Stampede Extravaganza

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Yippee Stampede is Fast Approaching

It’s a great time to be single! 


We are so lucky to have an event like the Calgary Stampede in our city. So many people meet and start wonderful relationships during these 10 days of free spirited fun. But don’t stumble into Stampede blindly hoping to meet someone – make sure you have a plan. Don’t leave your love life to chance; take charge and have fun.

  • There are so many fun things to do during Stampede but you probably can’t do it all. Have a clear objective – to meet single people. Don’t confuse getting out and meeting new people with networking. Unless you have boundless energy and lots of time, forgo the networking and corporate functions this year. Or perhaps take a night off for networking.


  •  Do you know who you are looking for? Start doing your research now – there are so many events, parties, bars and functions to attend; make sure you go to the ones that are likely to have people you are interested in – age, profession. Plan out your week based on your research; double up events and have a back up plan.
  • Have a wing man (woman). You need a friend who understands the “mission”; leave your married friends at home and find yourself an accomplice. Do not travel in large packs. You are too difficult to approach and a large group is not nimble in the event that the party isn’t going well.
  • Dress and behave to impress. Yes, the loudest, drunkest people get noticed but that’s not who you are. Don’t over drink – trust me you aren’t funny or sexy when you’re hammered. For women – dress age appropriate – the young girls all wear way too little, you shouldn’t. The rule of thumb is to only show off one asset at a time; so if you are showcasing your cleavage make sure your skirt is not short; if legs are your asset keep your cleavage covered. Too much skin is tacky. Gentlemen – make sure your jeans fit well, don’t wear baggy, old torn jeans. And iron your shirt.
  • Approach people – yes it’s difficult but you need to “work the room”. Don’t use cheesy lines; find something in common with a person or think of a question to ask and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t get caught up in the moment. Remember you aren’t meeting people under normal conditions. This is not who you are and this is not who they are; take your time after Stampede to get to know the person before you declare your undying love for each other – in other words, keep your clothes on!

So put on your Teflon suit, let rejection roll off you and have fun!! If you are struggling with getting your plan together or don’t know how to approach singles give me a call; I have a few spots available for between now and Stampede to help you work on your success plan.


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